Contract Bagging the Best Since 1997!

Bagged Product Supplies offers skilled and flexible contract bagging services for landscaping and building supply businesses throughout Australia.

We are based in Sydney, where we specialise in contract packaging in open mouth 20kg and 50 litre poly woven bags, but we can also bag in smaller sizes and bulk bags. Our own bagged products include sands, soils, mulches, pebbles, aggregates, firewood and kindling and many more building and landscaping materials. We can package these products in your bags or in our bags. Or, for many contract bagging customers, we package your products in your bags. We can also mix and blend our products or your products to create just what you need.

7 Reasons to Use Contract Bagging from Bagged Product Supplies!

  1. Over 20 years of experience in contract bagging
  2. Quick turnaround
  3. Modern, efficient bagging machinery which includes palletising and wrapping
  4. Short runs and emergency bagging welcome!
  5. Flexible enough to come up with unique packaging solutions
  6. Cost-effective for seasonal or temporary products
  7. Free quotes–call us now on (02) 8543 3432

Bag Design and Production

If you don’t have your own bags, we’re happy to help. Selling products in your own branded bags helps to present your business in the best possible light. We can help you design your own bags to hold and promote your product. Poly woven bags are ideal for packaging bulky and sometimes sharp products like aggregates, pebbles, mulch and sand. They are tough enough to be transported and moved around without splitting easily. The printing process we use gives bright and long-lasting results so your bags will look good on display. Take advantage of our experience for a great bag that will make your products look good!

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